TIDAL Not Playing [Solved - Payment Issue]

@support -

Did not want to create a new thread. I’m having the same issues. My credit cards were recently stolen so I had to go into Tidal to add a new one, I also updated the payment info in Roon (not sure that’s relevant) but since then Tidal works fine and Roon is not allowing Tidal playback from the same laptop/core that I have always used. Tidal on its own works on my phone and both PCs where I have it installed so this appears to be a Roon - Tidal issue. Other than the payment update I have not made any changes to my Roon or audio equipment settings. Roon - Tidal worked fine yesterday, Sunday October 13, all day. Any suggestions?

Well I answered my own question. Tidal had “unsubscribed” me after a single payment was declined. I had to go through the whole process of re-registering and signing up for the Hi-Fi account, then wait several minutes for their system to process it, and again for Roon’s software to refresh. Now everything works, so disregard!!!

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