Tidal not showing up in Roon

I am trying to get TIDAL to again show up on my Roon list from the top left of the page. It has disappeared, but I HAVE paid for every month. I need to know how to get it back on the list (Qobuz is still there) so that I can put in my password and listen to HiFi and MQA. And also to know if the current Nucleus unit works even better than the Nucleus from 4 years ago that has a 4 TB SSD with all the tunes. AND, if you wish, I can tell you how to make your Nucleus sound MUCH MUCH BETTER for a total expense of just about $800. It can sound wildly better quite easily. Rich Barra

Hey @Rich_Barra – I have split off your post to a thread of its own, so Roon staff will be able to support you.

As for your question: have you tried logging out of and in again to the Tidal service in Roon Settings > Services?

Try disable Tidal, and then enable Tidal again in Roon.

If not, logout and login again.

Just as an additional step I have seen work, once logged out of Tidal, reboot the Roon core then log back into Tidal after Roon is back up and stable.

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