Tidal not Streaming

Roon Nucleus, 1.8, Build 936
Widows 11 App 1.8 Build 936 (Windows is up to date - KB5012592)
Android Roon App
Cambridge CXN
Local music stored on NAS
All connected via ethernet, TP Link router and switches
7K tracks
Description of Issue
Only Tidal not streaming. Local music and radio work. Tidal streams on phone via tidal app but not roon app.
Logged out and back into Nucleus, reconnected Tidal and rebooted PC. No Go
It all worked yesterday

Power cycling the Nucleus appears to have resolved the problem

You might try rebooting the Core machine completely and see if that helps.

Thank You Rugby: I power cycled the Nucleus and it is working. Nothing had changed and my logs show the ethernet has not been offline. Poor Nucleus must have just gotten confused.

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Glad to Hear. Time to Enjoy some :notes:

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