Tidal not working after update - ‘Network Error, Check Internet Connection’

Following a recent Roon update, the Tidal account did not work. On the Roon settings it stated that Tidal was not configured. On entering my account and password, the notification ‘Network Error, Check Internet Connection’ The internet connection is fine and Tidal runs quite happily outside Roon, the account is up to date and other aspects of the Roon system is OK

The system run on Windows 10 with Nucleus Core running 2 Merdian 218 units


Martin Miles


I know it’s a cliché … but have you tried rebooting the machine that the Roon Core is on?

Hi @Martin_Miles,

Can you please try a full Nucleus reboot using the following steps?

  • Open the Nucleus Web UI
  • Locate the red button on the upper right
  • Click it once -> Press Reboot
  • Wait for the Nucleus to reboot
  • On the WebUI press Roon Server Software -> Restart
  • Verify if the issue still occurs


That worked OK. Thanks for you help

Martin Miles

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