Tidal not working after Update to 1.8 (790)

Tidal not working after Update to 1.8 (790). It shows up but there are no albums or way to play any music. Tidal albums have all disapeared from my library. @support

Did you try to sign out and back in to Tidal already? Or force a sync?

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yes!! thanks the sign out and in fixed it. Cheers for that


Hey @Bernd_Kurte thanks for suggesting that :heart:

@Chris_Middleton, I appreciate you letting us know of this and engaging with our subscribers. Couldn’t be happier you could try this and that it worked.

Cheers :clinking_glasses:

I’ve had the same problem and sometimes the Tidal tracks are not starting when I press the Play button. Is this a known bug/problem, or a service availability issue related to Tidal? I am running ROCK on an Intel NUC and I have Roon installed on my iMac when I try to play songs.

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