Tidal not working with Roon 2.0

Roon Core Machine

MacBook Pro 2014, CPU i5 2.6 GHz, 8 GB RAM, MacOS Big Sur 11.7

Networking Gear & Setup Details

On WiFi, no VPN

Connected Audio Devices

MacBook connected via USB to ARCAM rDAC

Number of Tracks in Library

1,500 tracks

Description of Issue

Hello everyone!

After I updated to Roon 2.0, my Roon Core stopped being able to play my tracks which come from Tidal.

On ‘Settings → Services’, Tidal appears signed in and I was successful in syncing my library.

Every time I try to play a Tidal track, Roon just skips it; if there are several Tidal tracks on queue, Roon will skip several until the message “Too many failures. Stopping Playback” appears.

Quobuz is working just fine.

Had anyone faced something similar? Thanks a lot!

I’m wired and experiencing similar issues. Play 2 Roon radio songs. Stops with no alert or message. Did this every time I started a Roon radio. Although playing an album seems to work.

Actually I’m having issues on both tidal and Qobuz

ROON2.0 downloaded … TIDAL shows logged in, but nothing populates … then when I try to use the TIDAL TAB in ROON, it shouts down and gives me the blinking icon. Also, NO AUDIO DEVICES are available now that I’ve downloaded 2.0. Not a single AUDIO DEVICE! SMH!!!

I’m going to try port forwarding and see if that helps on my end.

I had a few issues with Tidal but it settled down and now is working fully, I can access while I’m out and about which is great!

I’ve noticed that you can’t download Tidal tracks to your iPhone, only track you’ve added yourself … which is a little annoying, Or is that another bug?

It’s a licensing, contacts, etc etc thing. For now it’s just local files. It may change in the future but I can’t see 3rd party services allowing it.

so annoying though, when I can download from Tidal direct and not via Roon … but I understand - might have to put my data plan up (and I’ve just dropped it to save £££) :rofl:

I know it’s a pain. I think we all thought the same, but when I found out, it made sense. This is why I’m glad I’m investing my time into my local library. I love streaming and streaming services… However, if I can make own with local files, this would be ideal. But, what drew me to Roon was the seamless integration. So for now I’m happy I can access my own files offline. It’ll be nice if that changes as I would be Roon exclusive then.

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I don’t recommend port forwarding btw. It broke my arc. Now I’ve disabled it and it seems to be back to semi functional.

Sorry that didn’t work.
Everyone - pls post with other ideas and/or fixes.

I’d make sure you have a back up and delete Roon, and start again. Download the official package and run the installation. When setting up make sure you restore from your back up. Then try logging in again to the services.

I’d just start from scratch on it and don’t do any port forwarding. It seems like mine is running great all of the sudden.

Hello James … thank you for your message! You inspired me to try one last (finally successful) time.
I bet I’ve deleted/reloaded the software 20 times in the last 48 hours!!!
But … this time it worked … and I have no idea why.
Perhaps a ROONy could tell us what was corrected.
Now I have to try to get ARC to work too :slight_smile:

They did a second update today.

Roon ARC will not work on cellular away from home unless you do the port forwarding. Now, it’s possible you got lucky and the Roon install did it automatically. Otherwise, you can only use Roon ARC at home with your WIFI which is of no value since you can use your Roon app at home.

That doesn’t seem accurate at all. Port forwarding didn’t work, and looking into it grabbed the port via UPnP

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