Tidal not working within Roon after upgrading to version 1.6

Hi everyone,

I am a new to the Roon support community. I have Roon configured onto a high end QNAP NAS and everything was working okay until the Roon version 1.6 update.

Since updating Roon to version 1.6, all Tidal tracks have stopped playing within Roon. I am able to play these Tidal tracks when using the Tidal desktop app outside Roon. So the problem only occurs with Tidal embedded within Roon.

The error message that I see when i click “play” on a Tidal track within Roon is “the track is currently not available from Tidal”

Please can you suggest a fix for this issue?


Have you re booted your Roon Core? Always worth a try first.

Hello Chris,

Many thanks for this suggestion. Re booting my NAS (Roon Core) has 100% fixed the problem

Normally the NAS is on 24/7 and it is not normally turned off


Glad that helped. In the Qnap app, I just stop Roon and then re start it if I get any issues or my RAM is saturated.

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