Tidal now on Apple Watch

Tidal is now available on Apple Watch. I downloaded and used it yesterday when I went out for a run. There doesn’t appear to be any Search function unfortunately, you just have the choice of:


Hopefully they add search that can integrate with Siri…

Is the process of downloading music easy and efficient with Tidal? I’m planning to buy a Watch only for running and having TIDAL and Apple Music/Spotify it’s a game changer so I can leave my phone at home

If you’re buying the Apple Watch, then stick with Apple Music. Nothing will beat Apple Music integration with their own device.

I have given up Tidal some time ago as I could not deal with their buggy iPhone app any longer.

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Agree with you.

I’m keeping Tidal but waiting for Apple and Spotify going lossless and and I’ll move in that direction giving up roon as well.
Let’s see what june will bring to the table in terms of integration or not with streamers and hi-fi components

Hmmm this doesn’t seem to be available on my Apple Watch Series 2 :frowning: yes im on the latest Tidal on my iPh12PM and watch is up to date too.

You’re out of luck with the Series 2 unfortunately:

“Tidal’s Apple Watch support requires a Series 3 model or later running watchOS 7.1.”

Damn that would do it…might have to steal the wife’s seldom used Gen3.

Or get a new one tho I would rather wait for the new 7 coming.

What’s the processor on these Apple Watches , they sound beefy for such a small device. I have visions of an iPad Pro strapped to your wrist to get all the features people talk about :nerd_face:

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