Tidal Oauth doesn't seem to be working with Roon

I can login to Tidal via the Web and the Tidal app, but via Roon the redirect doesn’t seem to work. I’ve logged out but still no luck. My Qobuz account is fine. Please advise.

I seem to be having issues with the entire login process. I can login to my Roon account via the Web but not via the app after logging out hoping that would fix my issues. Please help…

Seems to be related to go.roonlabs.com/getlicense

Tried to logout of the Roon App then log back in. My Internet connection is fine but trying to log back into the app I’m now seeing a message that says:

I reset my password and reinstalled from Roon from a backup. Not sure if anything happened during a Mac OS update. Seems to be working now.

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