Tidal oddities of album art

(Ged) #1

I added a lot of Tidal albums through the collections mechanism but some have the wrong album art. Quite funny mind you.

(Dylan Caudill) #3

Hi @ged_hickman1,

We are going to look into this and will update you with our findings afterward. Thanks for the report!

(Ged) #4

I was thinking about it and I should really follow my own advise and clear the Tidal cache. should I do this now or wait until you have had a look?

(Ged) #5

I guess unsurprisingly, the odd album art is also displayed on my Naim Atom when the album is played. So James Brown with Joni Mitchell artwork.
And I think that all of the wrong album art is present in albums in my collection. So college dropout by Kanye West is showing the album art of Kimono My House by Sparks which is physically in my storage/library.

(Dylan Caudill) #6

Hi @ged_hickman1,

Can you confirm that this behavior occurs on all remote devices? If you reinstall Roon on the remote device does the same behavior occur?


(Ged) #7

I will reinstall and have a look.
I did a completely new install on a brand new laptop of server and client . But I then restored from a backup that had the mixed up art already in the library so both of my server installations show the Tidal art problem.
I will re-install on my Windows PC and see what occurs.

If that doesn’t cure it I will just delete all the tidal albums added recently through "collections"and see what happens then.

(Ged) #8

Step 1 de-installed windows client and re-installed - same problem.

I then went into Edit> re-identify album > selected correct album and now “Let’s make sure everything is in order” is a mainly white space with the roon symbol in wait status.
i tis still responsive as if i click Back it goes back to the album selection screen.


Hi, @ged_hickman1, sorry for a delay here. May I ask you some questions?

  1. Is this issue still present in your library?
  2. If so, may I ask you to send logs from the machine you are seeing this on? It can be a dropbox link or gdrive one. If this is not convenient to you, just ping me and I will give you more details in a PM.


(Ged) #10

Still present and I have sent you the logs of the Server.
thanks for looking