Watch out for Tidal’s ‘small print’ when you sign up.

I started a free trial last week, and I was convinced that I was able to cancel my subscription and to get a refund (as a resident of the EU) as long as I did not stream or downloaded anything.

Apparently, I have not read the small print carefully enough

(j) Statutory Right to Cancel.

If you are a consumer resident in the European Union, then you may also have the right to cancel your Subscription without giving any reason, and ask for a refund within 14 (fourteen) days of purchasing such Subscription. However, as explained below, this right is lost as soon as you download, stream, access or use any of the Service Content, or use any of the Services.

I have exchanged a number of emails with Tidal, and their position is extremly clear:
You have ‘accessed’ the services by logging in via Roon and via the Tidal app you downloaded. If if you did not streamed or downloaded anything, we don’t care, anf you can f… off.

So be carefull to understand what the conditions are you sign up to with Tidal.
Read them, and read them again, making sure you really understand what is specified, because there’s no such thing as customer’s satisfaction taking into account.

Even if 20€ is not an amount that will kill my yearly budget, even if Tidal would pay me 4€’s a month, I will never ever sign up with them anymore.


You may cancel at any time, but you pay for the used period (month.) What’s unusual about that? You also retain access until your subscription expires.


Nothing unusual except I digndd up for a ‘free trial’ and I did not sttream or download anything.
I subscribed, checked the available albums of a couple of artists, and I cancelled.
So much for a FREE trial

There’s nothing to pay for the first month if you cancel anytime before the free trial ends. However, if you took the special offer–as in the title–and not the free trial that’s a different matter as you’re committing to the term.


Thanks, great bargain for Tidal Hifi

It’s a good offer (and too tempting) as I have never been interested in trying out Tidal. I have been using it to augment my large library and while it has some strange ommisions I have found some good albums that I have not got that I have enjoyed. great to have everything in CD quality as well. Not sure I will stay after the 4 months is up, but too early to say. I like the integration with Roon though. But I already pay for YouTube premium (for my whole family) and I have a Spotify account from a friend.


I saw this offer and signed up last week - couldn’t resist as I’ve had more time to listen to music again during these work-from-home times.

Really good deal and I’ve quite liked it - and enjoying the lossless FLAC and their MQA Masters files. Just starting to integrate Tidal into Roon (up until now, it’s been all my large flac/hi-res collection).

Not sure if I’ll stay on the subscription after the 4mo period ($1/month a big difference to $20/month), but for now, just starting out, loving listening to it on my headphone system:

  • Schitt Jotunheim (non-multibit, dual-AK4490 DAC chips)
  • MrSpeakers Ether-C (now Dan Clark Audio) headphones

Does anyone know if this is a US only offer or if there is an equivalent one for the UK? Thx

I used Tidal for about two years using a 50% off student discount, but cancelled my sub this month as the full price is a bit steep for me. (I thought it would also force me to listen more to the music I already have offline, which sadly I tend to ignore when there’s the magic of endless possibilities on streaming!)

it worked for me in the UK

Great! I wonder if I can use my old log in and get my playlists back, or if I’ll have to create a new one. . .

TIDAL also offers military, veterans, and first responder discounts in addition to their student discount, vetting through a company called SheerID (info pages are linked). Not sure if some of the discounts may be US only, but worth looking into if you might qualify (had been 50% student discount, 40% others).

Left Tidal for Qobuz. ~$12/mo for annual in the US. Bonus: no MQA. Wonder if Amazon HD and Quobuz are putting pressure on Tidal?

I used my existing ID with no problems, and I only finished a 3mths deal yesterday (I have been a subscriber at full rate for a couple of years in the past)

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Cool! Do you have a link for the offer? Thx

I clicked on a link in my FB feed, but also saw it in whatsapp as well. I can’t provide a link as I expect it is specific to me (if it is even still there)

Google is your friend - https://www.whathifi.com/news/get-four-months-of-any-tidal-plan-for-just-pound4-with-this-streaming-deal-of-the-year

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Is there any preference which country I should sign up to? Someone has said that they preferred Germany tidal over US tidal down to more Jazz etc.

Anyone else have a preference?