Tidal Offer $5.99/month

I just received an email from Tidal with an offer for Tidal Premium for $5.99/month for one year (billed monthly). Tidal Premium is the lossy version of Tidal, not the lossless version which is Tidal HiFi. Since I am currently subscribed to Tidal Premium I redeemed the offer and I now have Tidal Premium for $4 less per month. Okay it’s not CD quality and there is no MQA streaming but since I tend to only use Tidal when on the go I don’t mind.

Great deal for those overly obsessed with streaming quality.

I actually just downgraded Tidal from HiFi to Premium. Did they offer you a coupon code to make the change?

Did you have to use a different email address for your account?

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I just received an email, to the same email as my Tidal account No coupon just a “redeem” button in the email. I clicked on it and it opened a new tab from which I redeemed the offer. Hopefully you will receive the same offer via email in the near future.


I would think it would be helpful defense for Tidal to offer a discount on their Premium subscription with an annual pre-pay to defend off folks jumping to Qobuz. $12 vs $25 (or something like that) would probably swing my choice. Others not but I would think a meaningful amount.

If you’re into vinyl you can get a 75% discount on any Tidal tier by signing up to ThirdMan Records Vault subscription. I pay $5 for a Hi-Fi family plan.

Depends on what kind of hifi set you have

The ThirdMan is cool if you want to buy (or resell) their record package of the period. Without resale the cost is more than just Tidal at $20/mo (of course)….of course you get the record package.

Good value if you were thinking about those records anyway. I have thousands of records but am not sure I want to get those…need to see the current one. I do like Jack White related stuff.

If you are a US Veteran or Active duty, you can get the HiFi tier for $11.99

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For a H-Fi family plan, it works out cheaper! Tidal, 3x$30 = $90. TMR Vault = $60, plus $3x5 for Tidal (after discount). So I pay $75 every 3 months and I get an awesome Vinyl set plus Tidal for less than purely paying for the Tidal Hi-Fi Family plan at the regular rate.