Tidal Offering trial (4$ for 4 months) Australia

For anyone considering Tidal this is a cheap way to trial if you’re in Australia.

How does 4 months for AUD 4 sound to you?

Music sounds better with TIDAL. Find out how by trying any of our plans for four months for AUD 4 .

Whether it’s TIDAL Premium, TIDAL HiFi or a Family plan for up to six family members - we’ve got you covered for only AUD 4 .

How does 4 months for AUD 4 sound to you?


Well it says “any of our plans” so I would assume that includes FLAC lossless.

I went for the 4 month trial to give it a spin, its really great to have everything running through Roon. Would anyone share examples of songs that sound clearly superior when comparing Tidal Hifi against Spotify HQ?

I can’t yet discern a difference between the two (rock, metal, hiphop, electronic, acoustic) with headphones. An obvious example I tested was Keith Don’t Go but I’m unable to hear anything that made me go aaaaaah!

I’d suggest visiting the MQA website to get the information on how MQA works. To properly “render” MQA files your endpoint (playback device) needs to be MQA capable to decode the MQA files. Tidal seem to be moving towards having most of their offerings streamed in MQA. However if your device is not MQA compliant you still get to listen but without the “improvement” in SQ that MQA provides. If you read the forums, not everyone is convinced that MQA does improve the SQ so it becomes a personal discernment whether you like or dislike MQA.