Tidal on Discovery Tab

I only use Roon for streaming Tidal. I have zero local music. I know that negates a lot of the power of Roon but having the ability to connect to various endpoints is why I am using Roon instead of the native Tidal app. Is there anyway to use it in “streaming only” capacity? The Discovery tab on my phone doesn’t show any music options because it is trying to search for a local music library. I always have to select Tidal from the menu. I need the navigation to be super simple and open up directly to the streaming in order to get the WAF.

I have disabled the music folder in settings but all that does is cause Room to tell me to add folders.

Have you added Tidal favorites to your library? Roon needs to have data in you library, which can be data from local files on a connected disc, or data from albums in Tidal you have added yo your library. It then should show related info - new releases, recommended albums, suggestions about artists and genres etc. in your library. I suspect that with a blank library Roon doesn’t work that well.