Tidal on Nucleus, having access to same Tidal user account elsewhere

I have a new Nucleus Plus that I’m very pleased with and am using it with my Tidal individual plan. When I’m away from home and want to use Tidal, I can’t because of it being accessed by Roon. Does anyone know if upgrade to the Tidal family plan, can I access my same Tidal user account from both Roon and from a mobile device running the Tidal app? I don’t want to have another user account and maintain a second library of music and playlists. I would think this would be a common question or concern but I’m not having luck finding an answer from many searches. Thank you!

Robert I have the Tidal family plan and I use it through PlexAmp and the Tidal app while I am in work and it works fine (while having it linked in Roon).

I had never actually tested playing two streams at once, so I just tried it now one stream in Roon and one in the Tidal app on my phone and it worked perfectly.
Hopefully this helps

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Odd as it only allows one stream active at any one time from one device.

How Many Devices Can I Use Simultaneously?
You can use 1 device in online mode and 5 devices in offline mode simultaneously.

Example 1: 1 PC/Mac in online mode & 5 smartphones/tablets in offline mode

Example 2: 1 smartphone in online mode, 3 tablets, and 2 smartphone in offline mode

When I was in the car and Mrs at home my stream would keep stopping and I realised she was trying to play via Roon from Tidal at same time and would only allow one device to have the stream. You can have you account tied to as many devices as you want but only one can play at a time.

Maybe the family plan changes that, but I can confirm that I just streamed two devices at exactly the same time without it stopping. I didn’t want to push it further by streaming Tidal via PlexAmp as well :roll_eyes:

Likely it does, I only had the standard single account, no one else would use it so it was pointless having a family.

When I started with Tidal I only had the single user trial and can confirm I had that issue, and also with Google play music and Spotify

But I have moved my whole family onto it now so we have that alongside YouTube premium

It’s my understanding that you can be signed in on multiple devices simultaneously. As long as only one device is actually playing something from Tidal, that should work. At least it did for me when I still had Tidal (I was not on a family plan).