TIDAL on Plex...yikes!

(Mike Ormerod) #21

Must have been a timing thing, as It now works!

(Tim) #22

Timing is everything :smirk:

(simon arnold) #23

Ok now I see the content in my Music. But in the local media server web access I dont see Tidal as an online service at all.

(Richard Ewing) #24

I don’t think this is a Roon competitor…at least not yet. Plex doesn’t handle DACs or MQA audio and I don’t think it handles 24 bit audio either. Still, it’s a good deal for those who already are Plex Pass users (like myself) since even though Plex is now managing your Tidal subscription, you still get to use all other Tidal front ends, including Roon.


Plex handles plays lossless, including hi-res. I’ve tested on iOS to a few different DACs including my Hugo 2 which I am listening to now.

(Tim) #26


This is what I see in Chrome on Windows 10:

Tidal is the second option under Online Content. You will need to expand the image to see it.


(simon arnold) #27

Does not show up for me when locally managing the library via chrome. I can see it on all my phones and tablets and via plex.tv web app just not the local web player/server. No idea why.

(Tim) #28


I am a Plex Pass holder. My server ( windows 10 ) version is and my Web Client is version 3.77.2

As far as I know both are up to date, I just updated a day or two ago.


(bearFNF) #29

Wow this is interesting.

On a similar note I just bought a new vehicle and Android Auto shows Plex and Tidal as options for music playback on the 8" display in the vehicle.

(simon arnold) #30

Mines latest too very odd.

(Steve B) #31

I asked this question on the Plex forum and got the answer " Chromecast support shouldn’t be too far away " My work around at the moment is to cast screen and audio to a CCA… works well.

(Marco) #32

Ah cool, thanks.

(Steve B) #33

Had the same issue and found out if you re-authorise your Tidal account in settings/account/other services it reappears.

(simon arnold) #34

Thanks Steve that did it.

(Jeff) #35

Good on plex. They had announced recently some focus on the music portion of their ecosystem.

Gapless being added was mentioned, it was their main Achilles heel. At least with MP3 and FLAC.

(Mike Ormerod) #36

Here’s the blog : https://www.plex.tv/blog/turning-plex-music-up-to-eleventy/

Gapless Play, Universal Playlists, FLAC…lots of good stuff!

(simon arnold) #37

It’s got some love that’s for sure. But it’s still got it’s quirks. Still can’t add latest new music in your library to the home page it just refuses to add it and this has been like this for ages. For on the go listening I use the transcoding feature to save on my bandwidth for flac it’s permanently stuck at 128mb/s regardless of if you change it to a higher setting or you get the flac untouched. If you already have low res files it passes them through. Also I can’t seem to change the bandwidth for Tidal again for if I am on the move so this needs looking at. I don’t want to blow my data listening to 10 albums.


They focus on the music but they only serve music (mostly) on TVs… I think that their Achilles’ heel is the fact that you can only cast to devices where you can install the app. Otherwise you need to use whatever software your device has for navigating a media server (which in 99% it’s crap). And that’s one of the stupidest approaches in the computer audio world!

(simon arnold) #39

Local web app is not showing it again. Posted on Plex forum apparently the web app in the server is not the latest one they use for the plex.tv web app so it needs updating in the server software to show up properly. Typical Plex half arsed update. They never have all their ducks in line. Exasperating.

(Mike Ormerod) #40

I have the same issue where Tidal disappears each time I quit the Web client.