Tidal on the overview page

Are you a TIDAL subscriber, if so how are these ads? I’m not quite understanding your problem, these albums are just new and the most popular for all customers who use TIDAL, not what it thinks you would be interested in.

FYI, I have little interest in any of these artist either, but it doesn’t really bother me at all.

And if I log out of TIDAL I will not see anything to do with this section.

I’ve just given the ‘dismiss’ suggestion a try, and yes, when you go back in Roon the Tidal adds are gone. You do still get the suggested artists if you scroll down the screen, but for me I am 100% cool with this, it’s actually quite interesting and easy to ignore if obviously not something you might be interested in. So a positive result for me.

Thanks for the pointers Mystic, much appreciated!