Tidal Option Missing From Roon – Resolved Thanks

Roon Core Machine

Mac Pro OS 10.12.6, 32GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Wireless Router to Ethernet Cable Direct connection

Connected Audio Devices


Library Size

80,000 tracks

Description of Issue

There is no longer an option in Roon to activate Tidal. I am running the latest update.
I am able to run Tidal outside of Roon.


Could you confirm what version of Roon you are running.

Go into Roon’s Settings β†’ Services … there should be an option for Tidal (+Qobuz and Dropbox).
Check on Tidal and make sure you are logged in.

If you don’t see this, can you post a screenshot of that screen.

Also try a Rebooting the Roon Core to see if that helps.

Hi Carl,
Your instructions worked. Thanks a bunch. Now I know where to go if this happens again.
Have a great day,


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