Tidal or Qobuz freezing my internet when selecting track

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 MAC OS Mojave

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Virgin Media Router 3.0 // 446.6MBPS Download Over WIFI // 36.4 Upload

Playing through laptop but I do have auralic VEGA-G2.1 I trying to on Ethernet Cable that im trying to connect to

Description Of Issue
As soon as choose a track on Tidal or Qobuz it freezes and stops my web browser until I close Room. Mentions bad connection or internet too slow. Some times it will play 5 seconds or so.
I can work auralic’s Lightening DS on Iphone and stream high quality Tidal through that to VEGA but I cant stream Qobuz through it.
Tidal + Qubuz work fine on high stream level not through Roon?

Any ideas? I have no knowledge on either Wifi/Routers. Am I missing something?
I have separated my 2.4GHx and 5GHZ to boost speeds.
Im guessing it might be the router?

Pulling my hair out…

I have/had something similar and still get some pauses (manageable) switching between Qobuz and Tidal or from local files to online ones

I mitigated this by specifically pointing the DNS of my Linux Roonserver to something other than what my general router uses for all other lookups (which is fixed by my ISP)

I use OpenDNS but there are others

Assuming your Mac gets its IP via DHCP from your router, you can change the DNS lookup order in System Preferences > Network > Advanced > DNS and stick the OpenDNS IPs at the top


Hey thanks for this. I have done this through my Mac. Still doesn’t seem to have made a difference im afraid. Am I right in saying it could be the Wifi is not good enough from Virgin Box? I mean it streams multi Hir-Res TV with out a problem by Wifi. So not really sure why that would be the case. Also read about not being able to change the DNS on a Virgin hub Box? Could it be something like this? As mentioned 446.6MBPS Download Over WIFI // 36.4 Upload. That should be fast enough right?

Download speeds are fine and it’s to do with the lookup of the online servers I think

You can’t change the DNS on a lot of routers you get from the ISP (mine is like that with BT)

The other thing I tried is rebooting the roon server but that’s only a temporary fix. As long as the OpenDNS servers are at the top of the DNS list in the Mac it will bypass those in the router anyway

You may not be able to change DNS on the router, but you CAN add additional DNS servers to your Mac network settings.

Thanks for your help. It seems to be working fine through Roon now. Not sure what I did!


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Hi @matthew_aitken,

Happy to hear that the issue resolved itself!

You should be aware that we suggest not using ISP-provided routers with Roon. Sometimes they work as expected, but often times, these are “bottom of the barrel” routers, and putting the ISP router/modem unit into “bridge mode” (modem only) and adding a consumer-grade router often provides a better overall experience, more information in our guide here:

In any case, glad to hear the issue is resolved, do let us know if you experience any other Roon issues and we’d be happy to take another look.

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