TIDAL out of wack? [resolved]

hi kurt im getting all kind of network errors and can’t connect to tidal properly inside roon at all. i only use roon for tidal integration so it is troubling me. i’m seeing my fav marked tidal albums but none of the actual tidal albums. also the tidal section/access inside roon is not working at all. help please, messages saying there was a network error in accessing this album. please check your internet connection. my network is working fine

thanks mohab @support

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Same here. It might be clearing up at the moment… As I say, perhaps something transient.

I hope so. first time ive seen this since i joined in september. what part of the world are you in kurt?

I can confirm same issues with Tidal Playlists and Artists in Australia. I’ll send up a bat signal to @moderators as well.

thanks andrew. at least it now seems there is no problem with my home internet.

It seems to be a Roon issue. I can play music from the Tidal app. I can also play favourited Tidal music in Roon. However, can’t seem to see non library Tidal content.

Cheers, Greg

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exactly the same problem with my roon Greg. thanks Mohab im in east midlands UK if that helps.

Same issues confirmed, it’s been going on for the past couple of hours. Mountain View, California.

I have the same problem…says albums failed to load…playlists are empty but covers show up… no tracks are loaded

Tidal Sync / Network errors occurred immediately after I upgraded to Roon version 1.4.
Never had any issues prior.
When accessing Tidal from Roon I’m getting a red error window stating “error loading page, check network connection”
Also if I attempt to open a Tidal album I get the message “There was a network error in accessing this album”
Finally if I try to open up a Tidal Playlist I get the message “Playlist is empty”
I have optical fibre connected directly to my house and all of my other network connections are ok. I’m confident I’ve got no network problems.
This issue for me seems directly related to the 1.4 upgrade unless the issue has just appeared from within Tidal itself and the loading of V1.4 was just a coincidence.
I’m using a Gen 2 Antipodes DX as my server in Australia.

I’ve pinned an advisory thread in Support:

As we learn more we will update there and here.

I think that is the case Andrew. It just cropped up for folks who’ve been running 1.4 for a while also.

thanks for the quick responses here. my experience is identical to Andrew’s. i’m not sure if its 1.4 related or not at all. thanks mohab. nottingham uk

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Thanks Andrew for following this up.
I appreciate your quick response.
I forgot to mention the problem doesn’t seem to affect any Tidal albums saved to your own Roon Playlist Library.
I think you may already be aware of this. Hopefully the Roon guys can diagnose the problem.
I understand due to the public holidays this time of year it may take a while to fix.

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Apologies for the problem. This should now be fixed, though there may be a backlog of metadata queries needing to be resolved.


Fixed now indeed!

My local flac files and tidal requests are hosed. Get half a track thru and it forwards to the next, stating slow load and performance problems. Network checks fine. Time for a good old fashion disc spin. CD player still works when it needs to.

Windows updates pending ?

Back to normal awesome functionality here. Nice work Roonsters. (Pardon the language.) Cheers.

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