Tidal overrides Exclusive Mode

My experience is that Tidal (exclusive mode) is overriding Roon Exclusive Mode. Is this the correct behavior?

Why, the reason I have both running, you ask? Because I’ve been using Tidal to play Master music so I get the “core decode” and jump back to Roon for Non-Master music.

Yes, that’s the purpose of exclusive mode - you grant the application complete ownership of the audio processing.

I believe Roon let’s go after a short time, to play nice with other applications. Not too sure about Tidal, I use both sometimes and think you need to quit Tidal.

Thanks, I do quit Tidal after I’m finished with the Master Music.

Me too.

Tidal’s app has always performed (releasing Exclusive use of the audio device) about the same as Roon’s. A very short time - usually less than a second - after hitting Pause or Stop.

But I have had to quit the Tidal app more than a few times as I’ve gone back and forth playing between Tidal and Roon. Not a big deal but only noticeable recently due to the workflow to find and confirm Masters in Tidal.

Maybe it’s since they added MQA (or MQA playback itself). Now you mention it, I definitely found the Explorer2 more confused than normal when jumping between Tidal MQA and Roon.

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And, I might add, updated the Tidal app at the same time.

What (if any) DAC are you using out of interest?

Bluesound Node 2 (32-Bit, 192kHz) > Marantz Receiver > Proac D15s… and a Schiit Modi 2 > Magna 2 > Grado RS2.