Tidal partnership with Mercedes-Benz

Beginning in 2018, if you’re a member of Mercedes’ Me in-car automation and entertainment service, you will get 12 months of Tidal HiFi for free, which will revert to a regular paid account after your year is up.

Mercedes-Benz’s Dr. Jens Thiemer: "Thanks to the cooperation with TIDAL, we are enhancing the Mercedes me lifestyle range with a unique entertainment experience. Our customers can stream music and videos at home or on the go virtually unlimited. "

I think that this is good new for the future of Tidal and so for ROON.

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I hope the other German (or otherwise) car manufactures follow suit.

Seems like this is just a promotion?
Doesn’t mention playing Tidal in your Mercedes…?

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“Steaming … on the go” seems to imply that.

It might.
On the other hand, some cars (but not MB) have Apple CarPlay, which means they support Spotify with good UI integration, but not Tidal (as of now).
The perennial tug of war…

awesome! Tidal is part of ToBigToFail: German Automotive.

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“Steaming … on the go”… Not sure Mercedes will be promoting drink driving anytime soon :slight_smile:

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Of course MB supports CarPlay: https://www.apple.com/ios/carplay/available-models/

Ah. Just returned my 2015 MB, it didn’t.
Shows how fast things move.
And why we should not make decisions based on electronics features.
Cars are, with great difficulty and pain, moving toward smartphone and cloud product cycles.

a financialized industrie. GMbank, FordBank, VWbank…even when not driving a car you have to pay :wink:. #OT #tbtf

@Krutsch what’s your experience been with CarPlay? I was annoyed by it in a BMW X5, and Android auto is pretty limited. I am still stuck holding up my phone with an arm in the car :frowning:

I would see if it’s any better of a situation in the Teslas.

None. I was simply responding to an earlier post stating that MB does advertise CarPlay. I am using a Sony PHA-1a with my iPhone 7 + AUX in to my stereo (Saab 93 convertible).

It sucks, though its better than nothing. If you could actually add apps, it would be better. At lease with Android Auto you can use Google Maps. CarPlay limits you to Apple Maps. Basically you can do some things with Siri like sending and receiving messages that is really helpful. In my MB which doesn’t have CarPlay (a touch screen is a requirement and mine has Comand which is non-touch) there’s no way to have the system read a message to you, so you have to either pull over or read while driving which is too dangerous for me.

I had a hire car just now with it, and the choosing of music was appalling: in the worst iTunes tradition. It made me want a Roon-designed music interface in my car, quite badly.