Tidal playback blocked

I have a persistent problem when trying to play tracks from Tidal in roon.

When attempting to play any (and every) album on Tidal, on playback I get the messages:
’ Track not available from Tidal ’
’ Too many failures ’

I have tried to log in and out of Tidal in roon and everything is showing under the Tidal tab in the roon menu, but the problem w playback still persists.
Tidal is working fine through my other interface (Linn Kazoo) and I should add that my Qobuz Sublime+ is working flawlessly in roon.
Other than the complete blockage of Tidal everything is working without any glitches.

I’m running roon 1.6(401) Core on a MacPro w 12GB ram using MacOS 10.11.16 > Cisco Catalyst 3750G switch > Linn Akurate Dsm Exakt.
My remotes are MacBook Pro and iPad.

Looking forward to your input, Thanks,


@support I have had the same issue all day with all Tidal playback through Roon, not one album will play from Tidal.

If I use the Tidal app on my iPad I have no issues at all.

Re-booting my Core appears to have cured the issue. All is working as it should right now.

I have tried the following;
Logged out from Tidal, rebooted Core computer & removed cache files from /Users/name/Library/Roon/Cache - no difference
Restarted roon - no difference
Rebooted Core computer - no difference
Logged out from Tidal and rebooted Core computer - no difference

Hi @Anders_Annerstedt,

Can you please check to see if the TIDAL Web Player (https://listen.tidal.com/) works as expected from the same PC that you have Roon installed on? Please let me know if you are able to play back a track all the way until the end (more than 30 seconds).



Problem solved!

Tidal on my Mac Core had decided revert to an old obsolete account…
Currently wearing my dunce hat!;/

If I could offer a tip; error message is slightly misleading, f.i. it could could say ‘account inactive’
rather than ‘track not available’.


Hi @Anders_Annerstedt,

Glad to hear that the issue was with the TIDAL account and it is now resolved! I’ll talk to the team to see if we can add better messages here :slight_smile: . Hope you have a great continued Roon experience!


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