TIDAL playback problems

There is an interruption in playback and writes disconnects due to the low transmission rate from the service. It started yesterday on both Roon. With the Internet connection and with the network equipment everything is all right. Reboots and relogins did not help, fix the problem.

There is a log, I can forward.

Hello @Vadim_Lvov and thanks for the information! I’d be interested in hearing more about your network setup, what router you’re using, any switches, etc. Also, how often are you experiencing this issue? Is this something that’s been happening sporadically? Let me know!

Also, next time this issue occurs, could you please run a speed test and post a screenshot of the results here? Thanks.

Again problems with Tidal, favorites are missing.

Again problems with Tidal, Screen shown in previous post.

Hello @Vadim_Lvov and thanks for your report! We are aware of the issue and actively working towards a resolution. The main thread for this issue is here. Let me know if you have any questions! In the meantime, we recommend using Focus to find TIDAL content.