Tidal playback stopped in roon Core running on Monterey when connecting AirPods

Roon Core Machine

roon macOS app 1.8 running on MacBook with macOS Monterey PB.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

MacBook and naim Unity Atom connected via WiFi (Fritz!Repeater 3000).

Connected Audio Devices

naim Unity Atom with latest beta FW 3.8 Beta 5.

Number of Tracks in Library

Local library not mounted, music from Tidal subscription.

Description of Issue

Now that I found out how to disable Private Relay in Monterey Beta, I finally got my roon Core to play music from Tidal via the Atom again. While playing music, I decided to use my AirPod Pros and connected them via Bluetooth. This caused roon to stop playback. Hitting play in the roon app started playback again. Disconnecting and reconnecting the AirPods caused the app to stop playing again. I initially though, the Private Relay workaround would not work. But since hitting play resumed music playback on the Atom, it seems connecting/disconnecting the AirPods (via Bluetooth) has a side effect on the roon app playing music via WiFi?

Reported the problem also in Apple’s Feedback assistant.

Hey @schuhmab,

Thank you for getting in touch. Thank you for the heads up and on getting your Atom to play after turning off Private Relay in Roon. That’s helpful info!

General instability and unreliable behavior are among some of the reasons that Roon decided to avoid using the Bluetooth streaming protocol all together. Many Roon users experiment until they find a way to resolve issues with Bluetooth but it isn’t supported in Roon.

In this article from our help center you’ll find a full list of supported streaming protocols. Please take a look!