TIDAL Playlist browsing

Would like to see that roon remembers on which page I was when browsing available playlists.

As an example. When browsing through the mood “History” you get a lot of playlists. As soon as you want to open one of them to see what it contains (on ppage 15) and you don’t like, roon throws you back to page 1 of that mood. So you have to swipe all the way back where you decided to only have a look.

Hope I explain it a bit correctly.


Clear – I’d like to see this as well. It is the same with, for instance, Tidal Genres: when browsing through albums, after clicking on one on page five, pressing Back returns all the way back to the first page of album listings.

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The guys have a ticket logged for this issue.

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This is still an issue in latest build when browsing Tidal Genres. Hitting the back button always takes me back to 1st page.

Enthusiastic plus 1 for returning to playlist/genre page last viewed rather than the first playlist/genre page!