Tidal playlist have disappeared

Roon used to work great with Tidal. It does not anymore. There are only 2 out of the 20 or so playlist that should be there and the 2 that appear are “Unavailable”
I have turned it off and on and tried to relog into tidal, tried to clear cashe and rescan.
Roon radio still works, thats good.
Tidal works for me everywhere else just not from Roon.
What can I do.
Roon core I have is part of my Merging NADAC +player
It was working and i haven’t changed anything so not sure what happened.

Hello @Andre_Lambert,

Could you elaborate on your network setup? What router you’re using, any switches? Also, can you stream anything from TIDAL through Roon? What happens when you do?

am using a Hitron 5GHz router, and I have a simple network switch between my Merging +player (that has the built in Roon core) and my blusound node. (I don’t really use the blusound anymore but keep it hooked up for times like this)

I can use Roon to play radio stations but not through Tidal. Tidal has no connectivity With Roon so I can use it for anything.

I can use tidal through the Blusound node streamer (which is sharing the dlink switch with the other streamer/DAC that has the Roon core) so I know my tidal account is still ok.

Again, this is not a new setup, Roon was working with Tidal and I haven’t changed anything. Just one day Tidal was not connected and would not reconnect even though I tried. I also tried turning the core off and on many times.

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