Tidal playlist into Roon

I did some searching but couldn’t find an answer on this, or at least a recent one. How does one import a Tidal playlist into Roon (a playlist that I’ve created under My Playlists)? I can see how to favorite individual tracks (that then show up in random order) but not the whole playlist itself. Baffling and frustrating.

You star the playlist in tidal then it shows up in roon. It will be under playlists not in the tidal section.
The knowledge base is full of knowledge

Thank you. I knew that but I don’t make my own playlists in Roon so was trying to find them in the Tidal section under playlists vs the Roon playlist section. Shows how confusing Roon can be even for long time users. It also seems I have to take a Tidal playlist and then create it as a new one within Tidal before it will show up in Roon. Just hearting an existing one doesn’t work for me. I hope Roon can find easier ways of doing this in future updates.

Ok, now it’s working for me to just heart an existing playlist. I guess I got hung up as their was a playlist in Roon with no heart function and it was stumping me. All rather more confusing and frustrating then it needs to be imo. For example the Manfred Eicher Producer mix had no favoriting function so I had to create my own from it, so figured this was the way for all of them. Grrr.