Tidal Playlist issue

Hello apologies if this question has been answered elsewhere but I’m struggling to resolve the following issue.

I have a lifetime roon membership and a family tidal account.

When my wife logs in to roon on her iphone she is unable to see any of the artists, albums or playlists (either self-created or Tidal’s own) that she has favourited in Tidal.

She can only see those that I have favourited.

What does she need to do to access her own?

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Roon only allows for one tidal login. As your wife’s ID is not logged in on the Roon Core she will only see your tidal account selections. I don’t see this being changed anytime soon.

I have a similar issue…my wife now uses Spotify As she has a family account on that that I too share, and if we need tidal she can use my I’d on her phone.