Tidal playlist migration

Hi, although I have seen several threads about playlists and migration in general, I don’t think I have seen one addressing this specific question:

if some one has more than one Cores (e.g. two Nucleus servers, call them “A” and “B”) and wants to migrate only Tidal playlists created on Nucleus A to Nucleus B what is the process ?

Well, the question in trickier that it seems. IF the playlists were created in Tidal and maintained in Tidal then both cores will see them when you are logged in. Otherwise, if the playlist is created in Roon on Nucleus A, then there is no explicit transfer mechanism other than a backup and restore to Nucleus B.

Hi Daniel, indeed they are created in Nucleus A directly.

If a restore is the only option available, are there any options to restore only playlists (everything else will be different between the two…).


Restore does not have a utility to select specific items to restore.