TIDAL playlist missing songs/albums

I have made some own playlists in TIDAL. When i add songs in that playlist (in the TIDAL app) i don’t see them in the same playlist in Roon.
For example: my own “new bands/releases playlist” in TIDAL has 205 songs. When i open that exact same playlist in Roon i only see 142 songs.
Refreshing the TIDAL library didn’t help.

I couldn’t find this question or an answer for it, so sorry if someone already mentioned it before.

Hi @kraaijcheck – can you give me an example of a song or two that’s showing up in your TIDAL playlists when you view them elsewhere, but not when you view them in Roon?

I’d like to dig into this a little more. Thanks!


for example, i recently added the album Ceremony - The L-Shaped Man. It just doesn’t show up in my playlist in Roon.

Hope you can fix this problem.

Hi @kraaijcheck – apologies for the slow response here. I’m able to add the Ceremony album to a playlist and see it in Roon, so I think I still need some more information here.

Can you give me a few more examples? Does this happen with any public playlists I can look at or only your personal playlists? Would you mind using TIDAL’s share feature and sending me a PM with a link to one of your playlists?

If I can reproduce this issue, I’m sure we can figure out what’s going on. Thanks!

Having the same issue. Added songs to a custom playlist in TIDAL app, but the same playlist in Roon/TIDAL does not include the newly added songs. At least not yet, letting Roon run to see if it takes some time.

Hi Mike … I am getting this issue as well … I am about a dozen tracks out of sync … that is they are missing from my Tidal Playlist under John’s Stuff in Roon.

Do not remember this happening before Build 29 (which I am now on).

Some examples …
Artist Track/Song
Allison Moorer Blood
Allison Moorer Gonna Get It Wrong
Easton Corbin Clockwork
Easton Corbin About To Get Real
Chris Young I’m Coming Over

Glad to provide any information that may help resolve this issue … not a biggie (for me at least , I usually go Roon’s Tracks view and shuffle) though it would be good to get this resolved.


@mike I’m sure you guys are working hard on this. Just thought I’d share some info. The issue appears fixed in b.29, however only for newly created or changed playlists. I am still seeing gaps compared to Tidal playlists created post 29.


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