Tidal playlist missing tracks

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Tidal playlist show up as expected. However, almost all with lower number of tracks then in Tidal itself.

I have tried several things, like add track to favourites in Tidal. Add new song to playlist to check if it came up in Roon. Sync (service/edit/sync). Log out and in Tidal service (playlist came back with same issue). Read all the stuff on local playlist. Even looked into Soundiiz considering loading exported Tidal playlist back as MRU.

So, simple how do I get my Tidal playlist tracks equal to as they are in Tidal itself.

Hello @anon23790371, and welcome to the community! If you go to Settings>Services>TIDAL>Edit and you click “Sync Library Now” do you receive the updated playlist?

Hi Nuwriy, thanks for quick response. Although maybe not clearly described in original message “Sync (service/edit/sync)”, indeed did this option to try to sync the service. And synching did not give any improved results. So for example have a playlist in Tidal with 463 tracks and in Roon seen only 13. Of the 27 playlist I have in Tidal only 1 has the right amount of tracks in Roon. All others have couple of tracks missing and where above example (13/463) is the extremist. Also log out of Tidal and back in again, no result. Have also checked if missing tracks is caused by tracks no longer being available in Tidal (greyed out) what sometimes happens. But also that is not the case. By the way above playing list (463) tracks is one of my most used daily background music. Hence noticed is faults first.

Hello @anon23790371, could you please provide details about your core and networking setup?

Core is running on HP Laptop, Intel i5 processor, 4300 CPU @ 1,9 Ghz, 4gb RAM/ Windows 10 enterprise, build 1909. Cisco Linksys 4300 modem, with fixed network cable connected to laptop. (From laptop AudioQuest cable to mojo DAC and into McIntosh amp. further into electrostatic speaker). Further copy installed on iPad and iMac to play in other areas in the house. These other two are connected at this moment via wifi sent by bridge modem in other area of house.

What else you need to know ?

4300 or 4200 Linksys?

Sorry, indeed Linksys 4200

Any progress ?
(Or alternative ways to add playlist. For example via Soundiiz…)

Hello @anon23790371, my apologies for the delayed response. If you create another playlist does it import?

This seems to work better. I added all records of a certain playlist to a new playlist (calling it the same name as original, but version 2 behind it). And then sync the service again in Roon. And then it seems to fit. However I have now a new problem with the people of Tidal.

Because if I look in a playlist in Tidal some tracks are maybe " greyed out" if they are no longer available. Hence when I did the above action I got message that some tracks I want to add to new playlist are no longer available. Hence the duplicate of the playlist showed less songs than its original. When I then sync it in Roon I however saw again less records (couple of them missing). Strangely when I again went back to Tidal itself to check I saw in the new duplicated playlist again some songs greyed out. And indeed did a check for a smaller playlist and that greyed out record was not in Roon.

Secondly when I started to look at other playlist in Tidal to see how many greyed out tracks they contained I had one where none of such existed. When duplicated that playlist I still got the message that some tracks did not exist anymore. So, now still need to understand how to recognize not available tracks in Tidal playlist. Secondly will investigate how to archive playlist so that I can verify if tracks reported no longer available are still available by same artist and same song, but sometimes in different versions. Because as you know often a song can be offered in different versions (e.g. edits).

Any advise on archiving Tidal playlists ? Not interested in another paid license from the like of Soundiiz.

Hello @anon23790371, could you send me some screenshots of an example track that’s showing as unavailable? I’d like to see how it shows up in the TIDAL app vs. Roon. Also, are you able to find that same version of the track if you visit the album?

Der Nuwriy, at start I have a playlists in Tidal for example “Great Wide Open”. Which had 432 tracks (picture 2). When using Roon and I see only 6 tracks in Roon (picture 1). As advised a Made a copy of this playlist in Tidal by selecting all tracks in it and add to new playlist. Called it “Great Wide Open 2”. When doing that got message that some tracks do not exist anymore and not all could be placed in new playlist. Consequently this new playlist has not 432 tracks, but 405 tracks (picture 3). However when you then look at that new playlist in Roon you see that it has only 400 tracks, 5 less than Tidal. When further investigating I see still in Tidal greyed out. The first track I found I included picture in Tidal (when try to play it in Tidal it shows message not available for streaming). However very strange that Tidal added this track to the new playlist, while others were not. That is inconsistent.

My conclusion is that that as well Tidal as Roon has issues with unavailable tracks. Roon as it might stop further loading Tidal playlists (as happened with my original playlists). And Tidal as it not restricting all not available tracks to be copied to a new playlist.

Will make local copy of playlist in Roon and manual add missing tracks checking if alternative versions of that song are available in Tidal.

Perhaps consider the ability in Roon to load playlist from services like Soundiiz. You can now load MRU and export playlist for upload to elsewhere. But to my knowledge you cannot load separately playlists from online services. Only via the connection (log in) to the service itself (Tidal, Qobuz).

I have a number of playlists created in Tidal, in which I certain tracks are skipped if I use Roon, but are played if I access Tidal through Sonos or from my phone or laptop. Some go away and then come back, but some have been gone for months, with the net result that if I want to hear the playlist as it was meant to be heard, I can’t use my best audio playback system, which uses my Roon endpoint as the gateway to all digital streaming.
This is the biggest issue I have with Roon, and I do not consider it trivial.

Hey @Lester_Hardy,

Thank you for chiming in on this thread. If I wish for something was that we would have seen it much sooner than today. Please, accept my apologies for the extreme delay :sweat:

I was wondering if you have any updates on this: are you still facing the missing tracks?

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Hi Rebeka,
Just saw your reply for the first time. Yes, I still have the missing tracks issue. There re 2-3 tracks involved right now.

Hey @Lester_Hardy,

Thanks for confirming and sorry about the slow pace. I’ll do my best to reply much much sooner :nerd_face:

Could you please clarify if the track simply does not show up in Roon, or is it just unavailable for playback?

It would help a lot if you could please share a screenshot of:

  1. TIDAL where these tracks appear
  2. ROON, where these tracks should bem but are missing

Thanks a lot :pray:

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