Tidal Playlist not synced with Roon

I exported a iTunes playlist.
Imported the playlist into Tidal using Soudizz.
Playlist appears in Tidal and can be played.
Moving to Roon and looking for Playlist under '??? Stuff"
Imported playlist does not appear.

Any suggestion or explanation of this behaviour?


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In the meantime the playlist appears in Roon as well.
However how can the time delay be explained?
Seems to be no realtime update done by Roon.
Feels a bit like a batch process is running now and then updating the Roon database.

It’s not real time updating, but it does it quite often. Not sure of the time frame though.

You can force it. Go to Settings > Services > Edit > Sync Library Now.

Cheers, Greg

You can also click the little refresh icon at the top of the TIDAL browser.

Useful alternative technique to get Roon up to date. Thanks.

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I tried the refresh via ‘Sync Library Now’, but it didn’t update with new songs I’ve added to my Tidal playlist via Tidal.

Also tried exporting my Roon playlist (copy of Tidal playlist, with additional songs added via Roon), but it just stays at ‘Saving’ (never seems to finish saving, evan after waiting 30 minutes).


Can you take a look at one of the missing songs on TIDAL’s website, and star it to add it to your library. Then, sync Roon and check if the song was added to your library.

If it wasn’t, give me a link to the song here. If it was, let me know and we’ll get some logs from you to take a deeper look at this.

Exporting as a spreadsheet, or the media?


See attached screenshots for Playlist exporting to Excel, that just seems to be permanelty in limbo saving.

1st screenshot saving, 2nd screenshot after 20 minutes when it reverts back to Roon, but no playlist export on my desktop.


Sorry, my mistake @John_Carrigan. We have a known issue with the spreadsheet export functionality on OSX right now. This will be fixed for our next release.

Let me know the details about what’s missing in the playlists and we’ll take a look here. Sorry again for the trouble!

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