TIDAL playlist not updated

My TIDAL playlists are not updated with the latest tracks. The additions the last couple of days are not shown up in Roon. I have synced the libarary manually, but Roon is not updated …

Think this is the issue:

There are other posts on the forum about this. A little frustrating though when you see a new track on tidal app and can’t listen to it!

Well,my problem is not like that. That’s why I created a new thread.

My problem is that playlists are not up to date, several days after it is updated at TIDAL. And there is all ‘old’ songs in it …

Sorry misunderstood your post. I haven’t seen this issue.

Maybe because I wrote it wrong :blush: … I have updated the issue text with a proper one …

I have been able to replicate this now. I wonder if this is new because I think it worked before!

I’m having the same issue with Tidal playlists not syncing. I tried signing out of Tidal in Roon but even that didn’t work.

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I found that if I make a playlist in Tidal, it takes a few hours (I wait overnight), to see the playlist (created in Tidal) to show up in Roon.

Latest software update installed, but still my playlist is not updated, it’s over a week since it was updated at Tidal, so here you guys have to do better work…

For me it now works fine with release 29. Had problems with r21.

I am getting this issue as well … currently the tracks that I add from Tidal are in my library … in the Tracks view of Roon. In Tidal app, I also added them to my playlist.

Though when I go to My Stuff “Playlists” in Roon … the Tidal playlist appears out of synch by 14 songs , for which I added them in the last 2 days.

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Moved this to Support to see if it helps. Disappointed that this is not solved. It makes the use of Tidal services almost unusable.

Please fix this ASAP, Roon Labs !!!

I’m having the same issue as well. The other thing I noticed is that there are some albums that I have added to TIDAL favourites that don’t show up in Roon at all. Hope this gets sorted soon.