Tidal playlist (personal) isn't active

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Windows 10 i5 series 9, 16GB RAM.

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Description of Issue

When switching to Tidal from Qobuz, only Qobuz “my playlists” accessible. Tidal “my playlists” don’t show. Instead Qobuz playlist remains.

Hey @Howard_Ferrer thanks for letting us know. :pray:t3:

Can you confirm if you are signed in to both TIDAL and Qobuz in Roon? You can check this by going to Roon Settings → Services. Are both streaming services logged into in Roon? Can you please also make sure that you are using the same login information for your TIDAL account when logging in to TIDAL in Roon?

If you’re already logged into TIDAL in Roon, can you please sign out and sign back in - do your playlists reappear?

Did you create the missing playlists in TIDAL or are these playlists created by TIDAL?

Lastly, would you mind sharing a screenshot of the “My Playlists” section in Roon so that we can take a look? Thanks so much!

Hi Ashley, I have now copied my Qobuz playlists to Tidal, as I am switching from Qobuz to Tidal. This seems to have solved the problem. I can now access Tidal via Roon…but it’s created a bit of a mess. Both playlists now show when I choose “playlists” under "my stuff. I am going to have to start deleting Qobuz playlights in Roon

Hope I have not confused situation.


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