Tidal playlist shows empty but it's not

Hey guys,

Anybody else found this odd? While using the Android app, I browsed to a Tidal playlist I just played on my desktop Tidal app only to find it empty (only it does say 61 tracks at the top). Hitting “Play Playlist” button plays it just fine. I attached a screenshot below.

Is this a playlist you created, or an editorial playlist you added from TIDAL?

Also, can you tell us where you’re located, what kind of TIDAL account you have, and the details of your setup?

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I did not create the playlist, Tidal did.
You can find it here
I am in Toronto, Canada, HIFI Tidal account.

I run Roon build 223.
My Roon core runs on an 3rd gen i3 Intel Nuc on Ubuntu Server 64 bit. The endpoint is Bluesound Node2.
As remotes I use either Android or Windows. Same behaviour on both.

Let me know if you need anything else.