Tidal playlist sync issue

I use Soundiiz to sync from Spotify to Tidal.
After the sync execution in Soundiiz, when I open Tidal app, I see the playlist is up to date.
However when I open the playlist in Tidal in Roon app, the playlist is not up to date at all.
Even after days went by, it’s not updated in Roon.

I tried logging out Tidal in Roon.
And I deleted the playlist in Tidal app and remade the playlist with the same name (with different tracks).
I now logged in Tidal in Roon and the playlist in Tidal in Roon is updated.

My guess is that Roon only adds or delete playlists which I added or deleted in Tidal app.
Roon does not seem to update tracks of the already existing playlists in Tidal in Roon when there have been changes in Tidal app.

BTW I did try clicking the sync now button in Tidal service in Roon setting and nothing changed.
Which only seems to say my guess is correct…

I believe this issue can be easily fixed by Roon dev team.
I’d appreciate your support. Have a good day.