TIDAL Playlist Sync Issues

Weird stuff. I have recently added a new playlist in Tidal, But somehow it doesn’t show up in Roon. I have now 7 playlists in Tidal, but only 6 in Roon. I tried syncing several times. Adding files to existing playlists does sync. The problem was with one particular playlist. Added some of the songs to a newly created playlist and synced perfectly. The playlist that I created was a “My Mix” in Tidal, but it didn’t show up in Roon.

Hello @Robert_Cabri, thanks for the question! Roon syncs with the tracks you favorite, but not the “My Mix” playlist of TIDAL as this is made up of items that you’ve listened to. However, if you favorite these tracks they will be part of your Roon library!

Well I made a playlist out of the “My Mix” list. Did it a second time today. And synced it several times. But the playlist I made still doesn’t show up in Roon. So I’m not expecting the “My Mix” in Roon, but the playlist I made in Tidal of the “My Mix”.

Hello @Robert_Cabri, if you rename that playlist will it come into Roon? Try something like “My Mix1” or something similar. Since that’s the only one not coming in I’d be interested to see what happens if it had a different name.

@nuwriy I tried to rename it and it doesn’t come through. It has to do with how the play list is made. I can also reproduce it. Had another “My Mix”. When I’m in the Tidal app. I go to one of my mixes. There is a button called “+ Create new playlist”. When I hit that button and rename it to whatever the name it will not show up in Roon.
If I create a new playlist from the sidebar in the tidal app and add all the songs it syncs in Roon. This is just weird behaviour.

Hello @Robert_Cabri, thanks for trying that! I also tried it so we’d have results to compare but the “My Mix” playlist I created came into Roon without issue. Could you please go into “Settings>Services>TIDAL” and hit the sync button one more time and reply here with a timestamp when it finishes? I’d like to enable diagnostics for your account and get this info over to our team. Thanks!

@nuwriy Just synced at 23:15:46. Still no playlist

Hello @Robert_Cabri, looks like we were unable to receive diagnostics from your machine. Could you please use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using this link? Thanks!

@nuwriy Okay! uploaded the logs.

Hello @Robert_Cabri, my team reviewed the logs you sent and also requested logs from your RoonServer core. If that is still your core, could you please turn it on and let me know when you’ve had a chance to let it run? Once I hear back from you, I can enable diagnostics to get those logs while its active. Thanks, and let me know!

@nuwriy It is running. Do you want me to reboot?

Hey @Robert_Cabri, could you just leave it on and I’ll check back in a few hours for them? If that doesn’t work, I’ll make another folder for you to upload to. Thanks!

@nuwrly the roon server is always on

Hello @Robert_Cabri, I was unable to pull diagnostics from your RoonServer, would you kindly

Use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using this link?

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