TIDAL playlists added but not from me


Hi there,

Since a few days I have TIDAL playlists in my Roon playlists which I haven’t selected. I have deleted 10 or so yesterday before going to bed, haven’t touched Roon since then but now there is a new one appearing in my playlists.

How come?

Thanks for help,

Hi @NOA,

Is there anyone else using your TIDAL account? Perhaps you shared it with a family member or friend? If you haven’t I would advise changing your TIDAL account password.

Hi @noris,

No sharing, so I will follow your advice. Let’s see if this leads to a change.


Hi @noris,

I’ve seen that here is a switch that enables shared playlists.
Could it be that another user shares these playlists with me?
If so, is there more information how this is implemented in Roon?
Can I verify a user to do so?

Shared playlists refer to the Roon Profiles you have set up. Profiles are meant for when you have multiple people using the same Core and they create Roon profiles to save their own Roon playlist content.

If you only have one profile on the Core, the shared playlists wouldn’t be the reason why you have TIDAL playlists showing up that you haven’t added.

Well, this is interesting. Because I never had a second profile, and if I disable ‚shared playlists‘, then 2 TIDAL playlists disappear. But those are playlists that I have added, and not any second profile…

Firstly, change your Tidal password. You may have been hacked. Secondly I presume the music in playlists not created by you are not what you might choose? If so it kind of confirms the first point.

Hacking music subscription accounts is not that unusual.

@NOA - I would not focus on the shared playlist aspect. That just means you created the playlist under a different profile.

The issue here is that you’re seeing TIDAL playlists which you haven’t created appear under your account, suggesting your TIDAL account may be compromised.

This can happen when you use the same password for multiple services and one becomes compromised. I would change the TIDAL password to something else and verify if the behavior continues.

Thanks all!

Changed the password and so far so good.
Stay healthy these days!


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