Tidal playlists, cannot favourite and albums out of library


this issue happen with ALL my Tidal playlists.


  • Albums are already added to the Room library
  • I make (from Tidal) a playlist with those albums that already are into the Roon library


  • From the Tidal’s playlist and into Roon, I cannot add a favourite from those tracks
  • If I click to an album of that playlist, Roon says “Add it to library”, but it’s ALREADY into the Roon library that album

Hello @RiseFall123,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to take a look over this issue with you.

The reason why the “Add to Library” button appears could be because the albums have been added to your TIDAL library but they have not been added to your Roon Library. The tracks must reside in your Roon Library to have the ability to favorite them.

Creating a playlist in TIDAL is different than creating a playlist in Roon, however, you can convert TIDAL playlists to Roon playlist by selecting the playlist you wish to add and then pressing the 3-dot dropdown menu to add them to your Roon Library, this option looks like this:


You can read more regarding configuring playlists in our documentation here: https://kb.roonlabs.com/Importing_playlists

I hope this explanation helps but if you have any more questions just let me know.


It doesn’t fix the problem.


  • On Tidal app I make a playlist of songs that are ALREADY on the library of Roon

  • I open Roon and I cannot favourite the song of such playlist, also, If I click on the album of where that tracks come, Roon says “Add to library…” but they are ALREADY on the Roon’s library

  • I duplicate that playlist like you explained in the screenshot above

  • Same issue as above, nothing change

Hello @RiseFall123,

Thanks for letting me know that this does not fix the issue. Mike discussed the subtle differences when for when a track is actually in your library and when it is not in the following post, please take a look:

This issue you are experiencing is due to the reference for the track still remaining on TIDAL while you would want to add the Library version of the track to a playlist. The easiest way to make sure you have the Library version referenced would be to navigate to your Library from the sidebar like so and then add the tracks to a local playlist:


I hope this helps but please let me know if you have any other questions.



to be clear:
I am into Roon, I add an album from tidal to the library of Roon and then I make a Roon playlist: I can favourite and the album appear in the Roon’s library. Everything is OK.

I am into Tidal. I add an album on Tidal (Roon add into its library too, automatically).
Then I make a playlist from that album into Tidal.
I open Roon so it will sync that album into its library, without any issue.
In Roon I see that playlist but I CANNOT favorite tracks.
In Roon I see that playlist, go into an album of one track of that playlist, but Roon says “ADD TO LIBRARYin spite of the fact that Roon already has that album into its library.

In Roon I duplicate that Tidal playlist into a Roon playlist.
Then in Roon I CANNOT again favourite any tracks from that Roon’s playlist and also that albums are not recognized to be into the Roon library (but they are).

What I ask is: this behaviour is normal or it’s a only in my software?

Hey Marco,

Just to clarify some of these distinctions:

  • TIDAL Playlists - are created in TIDAL and only contain non-library tracks; these playlists cannot be edited in Roon

  • Roon Playlists - are created (and edited) in Roon, and contain tracks which may or may not be in your library

In Roon, Favorites are tracks from your library that you’ve chosen to tag as a “favorite”.

Because TIDAL playlists only contain non-library tracks, you won’t be able to set tracks in TIDAL playlists as favorites.

BUT if i duplicate a tidal playlist into a roon playlist, and tracks are already on roon library, i still CANNOT favorite them.

It sounds as though you are looking at the tracks in the TIDAL section of Roon. Try looking at them in your actual library - you should be able to favourite them there…

Stumbled upon the same “problem”: Tidal playlist copied to Roon playlist. Only the library tracks added afterwards in Roon are able to favourite. It seems the part of the playlist copied from the Tidal playlist stays “freezed” no matter what you do in the Roon library.

Maybe it’s designed this way? If it is, the confusing part is the navigation to the album through the three dots on the right and you see the album is not added the library (which you know it is!)

I can add some screenshots if someone is interested…

This is how it works, currently.

Hi @Roy_Borgman,

This is expected behavior at the moment. If the tracks are from a TIDAL playlist, the playlist refers to the tracks on TIDAL’s servers. You can only favorite tracks which are part of your existing library.

There is some reasoning behind it.
Once it is in your library you can edit it, change the album cover, catalogue number, add a custom genre etc. At which point it isn’t the same as the tidal version any more. So you need someway of distinguishing them.
I think it 's a case of “if we knew now” but we are where we are.