Tidal playlists in Roon

Hi I am a new Roon user, and this is my first post.

I was interested to get your holiday email the other day which referenced several Tidal and Qobuz playlists you have curated. It took me a few minutes of looking around to clue into the fact that there is actually no way to locate these from within Roon, and that in fact there is no way to search playlists on music services at all. To be honest, this just seems crazy considering the overall sophistication of the Roon product.

Additionally, the inability to access some of the great music discovery features in tidal (ie my mix, track radio playlists, etc) is a pretty big shortcoming. I love your system so far, but I keep having to switch back to BluOS or Tidal casting to get at these important elements of my music listening experience.

Please let me know if I’m missing something, and if not please add these basic features!



Many of us are hoping for improvements in the area. For now, use the Tidal app to search and ‘heart’ playlists you want to listen, then they will sync to Roon (Settings, Services, Tidal, Sync now or wait). I’m hoping for more option to sort/find playlists within Roon. It’s been unchanged since launch 5 years ago.

Thanks Larry, that work around will be helpful but hard to believe people have been asking for this for 5 years to no avail. Does it work for things like my mix too, or just standard playlists?

Ok, just tried this and it works for standard playlists but not the personalized Tidal stuff. An ok work around, but still not great in that listening to a playlist to check it out certainly doesn’t mean it belongs in my favorites.

Acknowledging that it’s the holidays and response will likely be delayed, it would be nice for someone from the Roon team to weigh in on when these features will be coming. As a new user I find it strange that these basics are missing while at the same time you are building NASA-level DSP capabilities that are likely only used by a small fraction of your user base.


It would be nice, but you won’t hear from them on this. Outside of Support, they don’t comment much generally. And as a rule, they will virtually never indicate when a feature will be available.
I’m not dissing the Roon guys, I understand their position and it makes sense. But you are a new community member (Welcome!) and I’m setting expectations.
BTW, I use DSP every day and only occasionally use playlists. Its a pretty diverse group of listeners here.


Yes, it’s a shame basic functionality hasn’t been addressed though I have to believe there are technical limitations to the api or data provide by Tidal to Roon.

Soundiiz.com can be used to sync your My Mix playlists to another playlist, I think. I managed to do it at one point but creating a static playlist defeats the purpose of the generated lists…

I’m a big playlist user too but the Roon dev team to date is not and thus it’s received little attention. Just the way it goes with a small team. Their interests and the ‘global’ interest will likely win the priority game.

Like Scott says, don’t set any hopes on any future feature request. Use Roon for what is it now and be hopefully pleasantly surprised when new features come out. Patience is the name of the game.

Explore soundiiz.com though. I’ve converted a bunch of old Spotify lists to Tidal.


Thanks guys, and I didn’t intend to downplay DSP too much, although after experimenting a bit I ultimately turned it back off.

Good to know that asking for timing on features is not likely to generate a response. I certainly don’t know the ins and outs of APIs, but it is worth noting that BluOS supports playlist search and my mix, if not some of the other personalized content features.

So, just to circle back to my initial point, this certainly seems like a gap when the Roon team publishes a playlist and it is not possible to find and play it directly in Roon. I am very impressed with the quality of the interface overall and want to use it as my primary music application. I just wish there could be less jumping back and forth required!

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I’m glad you hear that you are enjoying the Roon interface, in spite of some limitations for your use case. BluOS/Bluesound users are generally not very happy with Roon, based on comments I read here. I’ve never tried a BluOS product in my system, but I understand that it is a competing ecosystem to Roon with less than perfect integration. Good luck.

Thanks David.

Bluesound sells multiroom streaming hardware, and provides an app to control it. I use 3 Bluesound streaming boxes to allow me to play local and Tidal music on components throughout my house.

I actually am fairly impressed with Roon overall vs the BluOS controller app. That’s why I am opting to pay for it when I already have a means to manage streaming of hi res music to all my stereo components. That said, I think Roon should be paying close attention to things that are detracting from the Roon experience for the segment of their users who have the option of using BluOS or Tidal Connect vs buying their product, in order to continue growing their user base.

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New Roon user here on a trial - just adding to this thread. I love the Roon software, but the lack of adding songs to Tidal playlists is maddening. I’d be fine with just using local Roon playlists if I didn’t travel so much and need playlists both mobile and downloaded/offline. The cumbersome workarounds where I have to exit the Roon software, start Tidal, search/find the song again, add it, possibly re-sync Roon and Tidal breaks my workflow/concentration and I find myself frustrated and ending my listening/discovery sessions earlier. Why is Roon so silent about an issue that obviously frustrates so many of its uses? As a developer, you can’t please everyone but why would you want to actively frustrate your customers?

Well, the question is if this missing feature does frustrate many users. It seems to me it does not.

There are album listeners and playlist listeners.

Roon users are mostly album listeners like me. Although I’d also like to have this feature added, I only need it maybe every few weeks. I can live with that.

I think Room dev team should comment on this. I wonder if it’s just no priority or if there are technical reasons. Asking for Qobuz playlists in my case.

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I absolutly agree!

thinks like sorting TIDAL Playlist by date added or manuel as sorted in TIDAL is an absolute Main feature.

If even sonos, and bluesound can do this.
Why not Roon ??

IMO custom playlist flexibility is very important, and I too get frustrated having to go back and forth from roon to the tidal app when working on my playlists. I use Tidal when on the go in the car or using a Bluetooth speaker and I use Roon when in my listening room. ARC has a long way to go, i.e., CarPlay is essential needed feature to eliminate the need for the Tidal app. That may be the added feature to expect sooner than later which may simplify the playlist issue?

Also, no way to sort the playlist list by service type? That seems like a logical option to incorporate. I.e all tidal playlists grouped together, roon playlists together, etc…

You can save a local copy of the Tidal playlist in Roon and edit that. Then export it back to Tidal and Tidal will soon send the edited Tidal version back to Roon.

I keep three copies of all my playlist in Roon. I have a Tidal, Qobuz, and local copy.

This is an interesting work around. When you export back to tidal do mean using Soundiiz? In Roon Soundiiz and excel only options to export the local playlist created from a tidal playlist.

Will they stay synced if changes are made from Roon and or from tidal.?

You can export from Roon to Soundiz and from Soundiz to Tidal. That will automatically update your Tidal version in Tidal. Tidal will then send that back to Roon. You can speed up that process by going to Roon - Settings - Services - Edit - Sync Library Now.

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