Tidal playlists not loading

Windows 10
Sotm SMS-200/Peachtree 300

Roon doesn’t load my Tidal playlists. They are all showing when I go to playlists but none of them populated with Tidal music. Tidal account logged in, albums listed, everything else works.

Hi @Dragan_Milivojevic,

Is this a new install or was this working for you previously?

Is there any change if you log out of TIDAL in Roon and log back in?

New install. I did log off/log on, didn’t work. If I enable Import Other Playlist in my Music Folder setting, Roon would populate some lists with whatever exists in My Music Folder. But none of the content that comes from Tidal would show.

Hi @Dragan_Milivojevic,

If you create a new playlist in TIDAL with a couple tracks and then go to the TIDAL page in Roon and press the sync button does the new playlist show up okay?

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