TIDAL playlists not syncing to Roon

Dylan, I see there was no update to this thread as you proposed above. I have playlists in Tidal. In Roon there is no hint that any of my playlists exist. I have synchronized the library, I have removed the cache and restarted, then resynched again… still nothing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Tidal… nothing. what’s next?

Hi @DonaldLL,

Are these playlists that you created or were they added from elsewhere? Do they show up under My Playlists in TIDAL?

Is other TIDAL content syncing to Roon as expected?

Dylan… my bad. I was looking in Roon under Tidal and in the playlists there, which of course (now I realize) is not where I see my Tidal in Roon. The playlists created in Tidal are listed in Roon under “Donald’s Stuff”

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