Tidal Playlists still not updating

There are numerous topics on this in the support section, but no real answers. I don’t create my own playlists in Tidal, but I do use existing playlists from other people or some of the built in playlists. They don’t seem to be updating correctly at all, even after I force a sync in Roon. One example – here is the playlist in Tidal:

Here it is in Roon, and it’s way out of date (note the dates added in the above screenshot are over a week ago); the first track is #24 on the playlist in Tidal:

If I remove the playlist and add it back in, it will work… but this is both annoying (really, you want me to do this for every playlist?) and is unreliable, sometimes requiring multiple attempts for it to work properly. Is this being addressed?

I really wish Roon had a GitHub-like issues bug tracker. We wouldn’t even need access to comment on it - we just need to see if bugs have been opened on this (so we’re not constantly hitting devs up with the same issue) and we’re not constantly asking “is this done yet? is someone working on this?” etc.

Hi @Joselito_Tagarao,

Sorry for the trouble here! This is currently something that we are investigating but we don’t have any specific timeframes we can provide just yet. You have our apologies for the inconvenience!

Thanks both. I’m a relatively new Roon user. I experience a similar issue. I have my own playlists created in Tidal. They imported to Roon when I first connected Tidal, but if I create new playlists in Tidal, they don’t appear in Roon. Would be great if you would fix this please. Like @Joselito_Tagarao, I’d love to see a live issue / dev list to avoid having multiple threads on the same issue. Enjoying Roon generally though. Thanks :blush:

I’m not sure what the hold up here is. I can update playlists by simply calling the Tidal API through numerous unofficial libraries; I’m assuming Roon as a Tidal partner has access to the official Tidal API and can do it much easier. How hard is it to update the playlist code to refresh existing lists and make updates to the Roon side? It doesn’t even have to be in realtime for now – just polling it and updating at a known interval would be preferable than the current workaround, which is:

  1. Delete playlist in Roon
  2. Go into Tidal and delete the playlist
  3. In Tidal re-add the playlist
  4. Force a sync in Roon to the playlist is

This is incredibly monotonous for the user and is honestly maybe 10 minutes of coding time to implement a playlist refresh within Roon; you literally just could be even extremely lazy and not even poll Tidal – you’d just delete and call the playlist creation code again! That’s pretty terrible but it would be a temporary bandaid that worked for the user until you could circle back and implement an actual real solution.

Hello @Joselito_Tagarao,

I know it’s been quite some time since you initially brought up this issue. Thanks for bringing it up again.

I checked with our team and, while it’s not the news I was hoping for, this is still something we’re aware of.

Please, bear with us :bear:

This is almost a year later. How is this not a priority? It affects a very basic aspect of the Tidal integration and isn’t a hard fix to implement - literally refresh the playlist.

It’s become drawn out for so long that I’ve actually coded a script to refresh it from the user interface. It took me all of two hours to get it working right. If I can do this from the UI side, how can the developers have an issue implementing this using an actual API?

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Welp, it’s February of 2023, and this is still a bug.

It looks like this is FINALLY fixed. As per the usual transparency from Roon, no mention of this was made anywhere.