Tidal Playlists -- two questions

I am a lifetime supporter and also use Soundiiz. If we could export an M3U playlist file containing tidal tracks then Soundiiz could use it…or if a web link could be supplied for the playlist Soundiiz could also use it. Full integration with Soundiiz would be amazing though, and maintains the Roon philosophy not to change your music files at all.


I think treating TIDAL like other import sources (m3U, iTunes) is not the way to think about it. You already have a deep integration of Tidal. Instead of talking about synching some changes to TIDAL I would propose that we can edit TIDAL playlists. As I have posted a screenshot before, on the Roon Playlist list it clearly shows that some playlists are Roon Playlists and some are TIDAL playlists. You already have two types of playlists. We should be able to edit TIDAL playlists by deleting TIDAL songs or by adding additional TIDAL songs. That is different than a request to sync Roon playlists back to TIDAL, that is where the messiness comes in of songs that don’t exist in TIDAL.

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I would like to be able to add a song from Tidal via Roon into the Tidal playlist. This is just annoying: Roon creates its own playlists and they are not being synced with Tidal.


This is a huge UX issue/dealbreaker for me currently, and prevents me from being able to wholeheartedly recommend Roon to a lot of users.

For younger markets playlists are extremely important. A huge section of users would rather have a manageable solution for their playlists at home and on the go than use Roon at home and lose this synchronisation


This is a total deal breaker for me as well. If I cannot add music to my Tidal and Qobuz playlists whats the point of paying for this software. Once again Roon Labs seems to be dead stuck in a own your music paradigm. How do I justify Roon over mConnect which cost $5 if I am streaming all my music and have one endpoint.

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This is the most annoying and ridiculous issue in Roon. Most users on the planet use streaming services outside the home and for those people Roon is useless. Finally, Roon does not provide any method of integrating playlists between Roon and the apps which you have to use outside. Even at home , when I’m using Roon I must use Tidal to adding nice tracks for running or listening in the car. This lack is annoying enough to destroy any other benefits of Roon.


I wish someone from Roon could answer this or give some promise that this is in the works @john. In the meanwhile any playlists I need for mobile I create in Tidal. When I am in the car on trips I download my music to the phones hard drive so I can listen to cd quality or higher sampling without burning through my data plan.


This was stated by Mike Fass from Roon back in sep-17… what has happened since? :thinking:

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Apparently it takes about 5 years of thinking before addressing something truly first class


Hi Roon!
Whats about the tidal editing support??
As a music library browser and player this should be the most important function.
You find new music with the superb roon software and then you cannot add it to your tidal playlist? An extra playlist in roon make no sense, because with my smartphone in a train i have no roon!
If i had known this, i havent paid su much money for this software!
Please answer to this topic!


What’s the explanation of the lack of this function? is it a technical problem or a philosophy? Is there another thread explaining the best way to manage local and TIDAL playlists? Is it the same problem with Qobuz integration?

It is philosophy. My understanding, love to be proven wrong, is they think the User Experience would not be smooth.

Here is one previous discussion.

Mike was engaging in discussion, but then went silent.

There has not been a clear articulation from Roon whether they are considering it. I think in this day and age, people know where their playlists are (Roon, imported, Tidal, or Qobuz).

Hopefully it comes one day.

Thank you for this answer.
I find it very strange that there is no more answer or communication from Roon since then…

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They are under a lot of pressure to include a lot of features… each person thinks there one feature is both easy to implement and so obviously needed! So I tend to give them the benefit of the doubt. If they started commenting on every request, they would never right any code or build integrations with new gear!

Here is my list for example:

Stronger Playlist integration has always been on my list.

You get the sense that the Roon devs are more focused on headline grabbing features like Valence, Partner integrations etc. - things you get to advertise on your website.
Rather than mundane stuff that improves the user experience - proper playlist management, consistent Tidal integration, logical operators in Focus, vertical scrolling for albums list, consistent Roon Radio interface, etc.

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+1 to this feature request. I use Roon on my home setup with a TIDAL subscription, but on the car I run TIDAL directly using my mobile phone and I listen to the same tracks over and over as I don’t ever make playlists in TIDAL. Come on, it can’t be that difficult!


+1. Why not let users choose? In the menu, specify can be changed or not…

I have “Shared Playlists” checked. Still out of 24 playilsts in Tidal, only 8 are in Roon. Why’s 1.8 so buggy?


Well it seems that a new problem has raised with tidal integration. Now a new tidal playlist created by myself does not show in Roon. Shared playlists enabled. Tidal updated in my services (even though I wonder if I have to always update tidal to have tidal personal playlists shown in Roon)

And the worst part is that apparently is very easy to perform that function. I also use BluOS app and with it you can edit your tidal playlist. So I don’t understand why Roon does not add that basic function.

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