Tidal Playlists

I’m confused about Playlist implementation. When I try and add a track from my library (all Tidal content) to a playlist I click the 3 dots and select add to playlist. No dropdown menu is provided to display my Tidal playlists only a search field to enter a playlist name or create a new playlist. Searches for existing Tidal playlist return zero results. I’m assuming these are Roon specific playlists and thats the issue. Please confirm and then explain how I can add a song I’m playing in Roon to a Tidal playlist?

In short, you can’t.

In the drop downs > edit, you can save a local copy of a Tidal playlist. Then you can modify it but the changes aren’t reflected back in Tidal - it’s now a Roon only playlist.

Not sure on the search aspect, sorry.

Lots of information here.

Cheers, Greg