Tidal Plays without droputs on Bluesound node 2 but not Roon

I am streaming Iron & Wine’s Beast Epic in MQA from Tidal. I can play without dropouts directly through the Bluesound node 2 using the Bluesound app to my amp. Moving control to Roon, playing the same album still through my Bluesound node 2, I experience frequent dropouts. This is new behavior. It seemed to have occurred after the most recent update to my Roon software which occurred today. I am not even sure where to begin since everything was fine a day ago. Help!

Hi @Robert_Wilson1 ------ Thank you for the feedback and sharing this observation you have made with us. Sorry to hear of the troubles.

Moving forward, to help aide in our evaluation of this behavior you are experiencing with the mentioned endpoint (i.e BS Node 2) may I very kindly ask you to please provide the following information:

  • A brief but accurate description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

  • You mentioned that everything “was fine a day ago”, so just to clarify no issues at all when streaming the same exact album or any MQA content (really) before the update, correct?

  • How is locally stored content responding when being sent to the Node2? Any dropouts?

  • If you are making use of any other endpoints besides the Node2 how have they been behaving since the update?


@robert_wilson thank you for your post. I am interested in reading your #support response as I am considering getting the BS Node 2 and have read 0n the forum similar issue. Thanks

This is a blast from the past. To be honest, I’m not even using the node 2 anymore except during the summer for music at the pool and right at the moment, I don’t even have it attached to my network. It’s been so long, I cannot honestly say that I recall this situation with enough clarity that I’d be comfortable talking about it. I do know that bluesound equipment exclusively worked well (bluos and Node2). However, I’ve moved on to a Roon/HQPlayer configuration with a Topping D90 DAC feeding amplification equipment. Hope you find the solution you seek.