Tidal: Please attend to your classical selection

I am posting here since I have sent similar emails to Tidal’s customer service, but never received a response.

Since I’ve joined Tidal, I have noticed very little additions of classical music. I look at sites like classicsonline hd and even Spotify, and they have a lot of catalog that Tidal are missing, especially Harmonia Mundi and Chandos (post 2009). Tidal started to release some Harmonia Mundi titles (probably about 20), but have added nothing new since you first offered these, and this is not acceptable.

I want Tidal to work, but don’t think that Tidal don’t have to do more, especially given the competition. I love the integration with Roon, but Tidal really need to address these catalog issues.

I am hoping Tidal can address these issues.


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+1. I remember trying Tidal when it first came out and being reasonably impressed by the classical selection. I’m sure albums have vanished since then though, Chandos is very sparse now.