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I just got Tidal premium sub and claims it now does lossless but still plays as aac. However on the Tidal app, it can claims it’s plays at High level and not Normal. But also have roon set to high setting. Is issue with roon or with Tidal. This was first time I’ve seen Tidal offer lower subscription without lossy mentioned. This was thru Apple in purchase app. On website, don’t see same plan. I’ve asked for refund for subscription. But please check if should be lossless.

On the Tidal app itself, it lets me chose between normal and high and unless my mind is playing tricks on me, the high level sounds lossless thru Tidal Connect.

Hmm. When I switch the normal vs high setting in roon is get like 22k aac vs 44.1k 24 bit aac. Is that aac setting still lossless?

Not sure I follow, so will try and clarify a bit.

Tidal Premium sub is MP3 quality - this is the lowest tier they offer.
Tidal HiFi sub is FLAC and MQA - this is the top tier they offer.

Don’t subscribe through Apple unless you want to pay extra.

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The Premium service clearly said it was lossless thru the app. I’ll try to get a screenshot. No lossy offering. The Hifi version just gave you MQA and Dolby atmos.

And here is signal path of high setting. I’m going to assume that the fact the light is not purple shows it’s not lossless. So what is it?

As shown in the signal path, you are streaming AAC (the source file) which is lossy. This is why the quality is indicated as low and the purple light does not come on.

Don’t know what to say about the premium tier being advertised as lossless in your screenshot. I am in the UK and don’t have that option.

What have you set your streaming quality in Roon to? It can be found in Roon Home > Settings > Services.

Also, what are your Tidal settings under Settings > Streaming? These can be found in your Tidal app.

I just have normal and high setting in both room and Tidal app. If setting to normal, the output is only half. Trying to get screenshot.

So I’ve just compared the same track from Qobuz to Tidal version in roon and Tidal Connect thru the app. The Qobuz version clearly sounds better.

Tidal is either false advertising or this new lossless Premium tier is just about to get switched on and accidentally leaked in the app. I hope Apple gives me a refund. It does seem like this tier would help them better complete if they delivered as promised.

Are you in the US?

Yes, I’m in the US.

Why don’t you go directly to Tidal’s website and see the tiers they offer? Judging by how much you’ve paid through Apple, it’s the lowest tier and it’s MP3 quality. Reason you’re seeing AAC as the source file.

You can also get yourself a HiFi subscription through Best Buy for a discounted price. These come in monthly, quarterly and yearly.

That’s not really the point. If you see screenshots, Tidal is showing it should be lossless at Premium level. That’s what I bought and didn’t get, so asked for refund. I don’t want a year because only wanted expanded library while I wait for Spotify hifi to release their lossless tier. I also wanted to check out Tidal Connect. Don’t think it’s lossless either on this plan but it works great.

I really think someone jumped the gun within the app with subscription tiers and Premium plans will be lossless any day now but it clearly is not today.

It’s wrongfully advertised. You are streaming lossy AAC - via Roon or Connect.

So this explains the high vs normal settings. But yeah, currently the plan is advertised wrong at the moment within the app.

Apple refunded my money. Still curious if Tidal changes their tier structure in the coming weeks.

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