Tidal premium subscription doesn't allow albums to play in Roon [Solved]

Since I downgraded my Tidal subscription to premium, Roon doesn’t play Tidal albums anymore (warning that the Tidal subscription doesn’t allow). Tidal still does.
I already resynched the library, restarted the applications, restarted the mac mini, but to no avail.
What could be wrong?


I suspect that Tidal only allows streaming to Roon with their HiFi subscription.

It could be question for Tidal but maybe @Mike could confirm.

Tidal people drop in here from time to time. Let’s drop a flag for @palbratelund and see if he can clarify. We did see a user streaming with a premium account recently, that was why they weren’t bitperfect.

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Premium accounts should work fine. If all else fails, @vova lets get a support package and look.

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I’m using Tidal Premium with Roon as I type and it seems to be working fine. Perhaps there’s an issue playing albums via the Tidal Premium subscription that were previously added under the HiFi subscription?

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That’s an interesting hypothesis.

Maybe the OP could try playing a Tidal track that has not previously been added to Roon.

I think we have to do as Brian suggests earlier in the thread. It is absolutely possible to stream with both the Premiu and the HiFi subscriptions through Roon. So there must be some sort of sync or local issue going on. For playback, Roon uses exactly the same API as we do in the TIDAL clients so it must somehow be how our servers are asked to serve.

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Problem solved by logging out and in again from within Roon (I remember I had to do the same before in Tidal for playback without Roon).

Thanks for all support.

I should have told you that. The session needs refreshing with new rights. I’m ashamed :slight_smile:


Thanks, @palbratelund